Physical Fitness

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I am a retired physical education teacher and thinking about the benefit I have gained through years of practice of physical fitness, I wanted to share with you my experience, my knowledge and hope that you can do it yours and  can share it with others.

Speaking of physical fitness is talking hopelessly about exercise. Why should I? How often? How long and how hard? Here are some of the questions that arise once we address the issue. Should I work out in this stage of my life (child, youth, adult)?

If you do breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in addition you eat light meals and eat other sugary liquids (juices, sodas) throughout the day, my recommendation is to wrap yourself up in a good aerobic exercise program (endorsed by a physician) or in strenuous physical activity involving the burning of calories.

Would you like to have a slim body and proportional to your height, don't you? So give yourself a chance to achieve it. You can if you want to.


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